iOS 8 vs Android 5 Lollipop: Features And Security Analyzed As Release Date For The OS Draws Near!


We pit the iOS vs Android 5 Lollipop to see what is the better OS in the upcoming generation of smartphones. What is the better choice for users?

The world of technology is anticipating some really big launches and big news. Both Apple and Google are all set to launch new operating systems and here we will compare both of them and the features they will incorporate.

It is rumored that the future of smartphones is going to change post this new launch, as too many new features will be incorporated.

It looks like Apple and Google are now bridging the gap between them as you can find remarkably similar features among the two. When iOS 7 was released, too many users complained about Apple borrowing a great many features from Android. The big question is whether history is going to repeat again?

Both Apple and Google are looking to make it easier for users to control their smartphones. While we are all aware of Google Now and Siri, both of them are going to get some major changes. The Ok Google facility seems to have borrowed inspiration from Siri as Android too is trying to emulate these features.

While Android will offer you “always listening” hotword detection service, which allows you to gain full control over your device and that too hands free, Apple too has announced “Hey Siri” feature which will ensure that Siri will be activated. However, in iOS 8, you can only access this hotword when your iPhone is plugged in the charging mode.

Widgets are extremely common in Android and have been for a long time. However, Apple didn’t permit the same function. With iOS 8, things are changing as you may be able to have widgets on the home screen too. While the widgets will only be available through the notification centre, there is provision for third party app developers to add this functionality to the apps they are designing.

So far we have discussed the features that iOS seems to be lifting from Android, but there is one department where iOS seems to be way ahead and this is the security. This time, however, Google has emphasized on the need for better and improved security and it is rumored that Android 5.0 might offer some of the best security features yet.

Regardless of who follows whom, it is the smartphone and the users who will end up benefitting the most. While iOS is restricted exclusively to Apple products which is iPhone and iPad, Android operating system is used by a huge number of manufacturers and developers and thus the interoperability and compatibility becomes a point of concern.

With both these new operating system to be unveiled soon, one can expect a new revolution in the field of smartphones. Both iPhone and other smartphones are going to get a radical makeover as too many things would change. No doubt, these changes will be for the better and therefore users are looking forward to it. Both the operating systems are being termed as ultimate game changers because they are going to bring in some of the best features and Google might offer a revamped interactive interface too.

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