iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6 Release Date: What New Features Will These Two Device Offer The Market? Design, Specs, Size and Specifications Detailed!

iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6 Release Date: Apple has been very quiet about the new iPhone and iPad for this year, but there are a lot of rumors and speculation going around about what people have been calling the iPhone 6. There is talk that there could be a much thinner handset coming our way and it could have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that arrived with the iPhone 5s.

Some photos were leaked regarding the chassis of the iPhone 6 made their way online and it showed a display of 4.7 inches with a 6mm cross section. The images showed the device having rounded edges that are 67mm-by-138mm dimension and a power button slot, which is located on the right side of the handset.

If the iPhone 6 was 6mm then it would mean that the iPhone 6 would be 1.6mm slimmer than the current iPhone 5 models.

There was a glitch in the renderings which puts their authenticity into doubt. The picture of the iPhone 6 chassis lacks the cut out for the dual LED True Tone flash and this is something that cannot be justified as Apple wouldn’t remove it.

According to a Japanese website, Apple iPhone 6 may have rounded edges along with a curved glass display; this would set it apart from the squared look of the current iPhone.

The same website said that the iPhone 6 would not have the dual glass covered antenna window that we have seen with the iPhone 5S and 5C, it has been said that the iPhone 6 would arrive with a design that was all aluminium.

However another report said that Apple would be bringing the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that has been exclusive to the iPhone, to the iPad this year, the device would have the name of the iPad Air 2.

A reference was also found to the lineup of the iPad when checking code for the TouchID framework in iOS 7.1. This had led to suggestions that the iPad Air 2 could have biometric scanning technology.

This report said that the code for the Biometric Kit refers to the UIDeviceFamily by way of two identifiers, number 1 is for the iPhone and 2 is for the iPad.

We did hear earlier on in the month that both the iPad Air and iPad Mini might have the TouchID fingerprint sensor. It is thought that Apple could launch the iPads towards the end of Q3 or early during Q4 of this year.

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