iPad Air 2 Release Date: New Waterproof Tablet Out By October? Latest iPad Will Be Unveiled With Two Other New Apple Products, Will Be 4K Ultra HD Compatible

If new reports prove to be true, Apple fans might be in for another unveiling because the iPad Air 2 release date will reportedly occur on October 21.

As reported by 

Daily Dot, “The company is planning to hold its next event on Oct. 21, where it will unveil two new iPads and announce the release of OS X Yosemite, the next version of its Mac operating system, according to sources familiar with the matter.”

If these rumors are true, tech junkies could get their hands on not 1 new offering from the tech giant, but 3, including the new iPad Mini.

Several industry analysts have labelled the new iPad as a “game changer” somehow hinting that the new gadget will be more than just a tablet.

Some iPad Air 2 release date and specs news claim that the new tablet will include Apple’s Touch ID interface that was first brought to the public with the iPhone 5s release.

App Advice reported that the new tablet will have an A8 processor that will enable it to perform at high speed.  The iPad Air 2 is also rumored to be a notch higher than other tablets in the market in terms of its graphics and display.

Aside from the visual and performance upgrades, the new iPad is also said to have a better camera with a display that boasts the same quality as a Retina display.

But, the most interesting rumor to date, is that the new iPad Air 2 will be able to support the 4K ultra-high definition TV.  Because of all the fast processor upgrades suggested, it is believed that the new iPad can be hooked to any ultra-high definition TV without any problems.

According to the Inquisitr: “This new tablet could actually be one that could pull gamers aware from the usual video game formats. If Apple could also put out a controller that works perfectly with tablets like the iPad Air it could pull even more gamers away from the competitors.”

Other rumors suggest that the new tablet will be waterproof as well.  

For more news about the iPad Air 2 release date, stay tuned here!

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