iPad Air Vs Microsoft Surface Pro: Specs, Features, And Price Detailed! Which Is Worth The Purchase?

iPad Air Vs Microsoft Surface Pro: The latest Microsoft Surface 3 tablet takes productivity to a whole new level. Microsoft attempt at creating something that is a tablet but packs the power of a laptop is a definite success. As such, we have compared the device with Apple’s jewel, the iPad Air.

While the Surface 3 is meant for school, work and mostly business, the iPad Air is more of an entertainment hub. Both tablets have their respective target audience. Nevertheless, a tablet is still a tablet and a comparison has to be made.

The Microsoft Surface 3 has a huge 12″ display that offers 2160x1440pixels resolution. The iPad Air on the other hand offers 2048x1536pixels resolution. In terms of PPI, the iPad wins with 264ppi compared to 216ppi on the third-gen Surface.

Processor-wise, the Surface 3 amazed the world as it comes with all the golden hardwares from the laptop industry, There is wide array of Intel processors to choose from ranging from the i3 to i7. Things get sweeter as the device comes with a minimum of 64GB storage to the maximum of 512GB. There is even a choice of 4GB or 8GB RAM to choose from. Under the hood, the Surface 3 is a laptop.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air kept things to that of a basic high-end tablet. It has 1GB RAM to compliments its Apple processor.

Even accessories like cameras are lacklustre on the iPad Air. The 5MP rear and 1.2MP front shooters are somewhat below par when compared to the 5MP rear and 5MP front camera on the Surface 3.

The verdict is simple. If you wish to get a great tablet for your internet, entertainment and social needs, the iPad Air is the way to go. If productivity is in your mind, the Surface 3 will be that laptop that takes portability to new heights.

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