iPad Mini 3 Release Date Set On Q3 Of 2014! Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Shares His Thoughts About The Latest Updates In Terms Of Specs, Price, And Display!

iPad Mini 3 Release Date: The iPad Mini 3 is among the devices that Apple will be looking to release this year. Despite the release date not being revealed, a rumour has surfaced which hints on when it is going to be.

The rumour claims that the information was retrieved by popular and reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. It revealed that the iPad Mini 3 will debut in Q3 this year.

Looking at previous release patterns, the iPad Mini often arrives in November. A month prior to this, Apple will unveil the device. As such, we are going to skip the rumour and stick with the release pattern. After all, there is no better way to start the holiday season than with a new slate from Apple.

As per its price, the iPad mini 3 is hard to call since the price of the iPad mini 2 is £50 more than the original – £319 compared to £269. That was mainly due to the Retina quality screen upgrade.

By the time the iPad mini 3 is announced, users should also be getting a new iPad Air and an iPhone 6. All should receive a new processor which is almost certainly going to be the A8, a 64-bit SoC (system on a chip) as indicated by Kuo.

That’s a small change and it’s likely that Apple will stick with the same 7.9in display with a 2048×1536 resolution which the iPad mini 2 offers. Apple will have to differentiate the new model to tempt users to upgrade.

The anticipation for the iPad Mini 3 is overwhelming and consumers can’t wait to see on what it got to offer. Of course, it is still a long way to go before more information on this tablet can be revealed.

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