iPad Mini Retina vs. Kindle Fire HDX 7 Specs, Price: Display 7.9″/7″,iPad Air Chip/Snapdragon 800, $550/$$340, iPad Wins In Design

iPad Mini Retina vs. Kindle Fire HDX 7: If you’re looking for a tab that is smaller than the 10″ ones, you will definitely like both the  iPad Mini with Retina Display and Kindle Fire HDX 7. They are both lightweight and fit nicely in a small carry bag.


Looking at the screens, they are almost identical with very close display specs – 1,536 x 2,048 iPad Mini Retina, while Kindle Fire HDX  offers 1,200 x 1,920. Whats more? They both feature Retina Display since this is a feature that is catching on most tablets and smartphones. However, Apple gets the credit for thinking of it first. And Apple Inc. has an infamous reputation for beating the competition. (May Steve Jobs rest in peace; he was largely responsible for fine tuning Apple’s products to make them fun and entertainment and sometimes out of this world).

So, the fact of the matter is that both iPad Mini Retina and Kindle Fire HDX 7 provide close to 324 ppi.

These specs are testimony to just how clear text and icons are on these two tabs because they are jam packed with more pixels than are required on a smartphone or tab. Drawing attention to a slight difference in scren size, both Kindle Fire HDX 7 and iPad Mini come with IPS LCD displays, which is nice and easy on your eyes.

Just for the record, though, iPad Mini Retina has a slightly bigger screen boasting 7.9″, while the Kindle Fire HDX is outfitted with the regular 7″ screen, sported by most sub-10″ tabs in this class, i.e. Samsung P1000 and Blackberry Playbook.

Next in queue is Quantum Dot technology, which is exclusively featured on Kindle Fire HDX 7. In summary, the Kindle Fire HDX 7 more than makes up for the loss in screen real estate. The fancy physics aside, what this translates to is HDX is comprised of a 100% color gamut, while the iPad Mini’s color gamut is 62%.

Plastic vs. Metal

Metal is in and it is a trend that Apple has capitalized on with the iPad Mini Retina, not to mention the numerous iPhone models released recently. The  HDX is no rival in this category because it is made of Android’s lackluster plastic, which other tab makers like Samsung also use to lower pricing.

OS & Apps

In case you’ve been exposed to the Apple camp, then you will be naturally inclined to use iOS 7 and rumors of an iOS8 is also floating on the Net. So, here again the iPad Mini Retina takes the prize since the App store offers much more quality apps than Amazon’s App store.


Kindle Fire

HDX 7 is the most powerful tab made my Amazon and it carries a

quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

iPad Mini Retina matches the Kindle Fire

HDX 7 in terms of power because it houses the


A7 chip that is on the

iPad Air.

Both these slates are excellent value for your money, brilliant performance, features & and content thanks to Apple Inc’s Apple Store and Amazon’s ample shopping avenues. So perhaps a comparison of iPad Mini Retina vs. Kindle Fire HDX 7 would serve you best if you were able to ascertain which tab suits your requirements for personal or business use.

And for the price, you can’t go wrong with the HDX7 because it would just rob of you about $340, while the iPad Mini Retina will cost you and arm and a leg at a price closer to $550.

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