iPhone 5S Battery Saving Tips & Tricks For Comprehensive Users: Maximize Battery Life When Playing Graphic Demanding Games And Browsing Facebook!

Some people have said that one of the main apps that drain down the battery on the iPhone is Facebook. The social networking website seems to use minutes to update, launch, and when you post.

Now, even more graphic intensive games are coming out which will drain the battery even more.

However there is more to the iPhone than just using it as a communication tool. It can come in handy for entertainment. However the battery life can be an issue as it will put the dampers on using your phone. So with this in mind here are some ways of getting more battery life from your device thanks to applications.

If you put your device to sleep when it is not being used, the battery will last longer. Try putting it to sleep from 1 to 3 minutes. Head to settings – auto lock and then choose by tapping.

You might want to turn off push email and check your account less often. You should head to settings – mail, contact, calendar, fetch new data and choose.

Animated wallpaper can look great, as it moves under your icons. But it does use up battery. You can change this by choosing dynamic backgrounds in wallpaper and backgrounds menu.

Background app refresh can make your device smarter. This will look at apps that are most often used and then auto updates that app when you open it. If you want to save battery you should turn this app off.

When suffering from slow data speeds put your device into airplane mode. This will close down data transfers and use less power.

The iPhone has multitasking and this is an easy way to shut down apps. If you have an app on your device that isn’t doing anything then you can double tap on the home button and swipe it away to close it.

Don’t keep checking how much battery you have left on your handset as each time it will light up the display and drain move battery. Bear in mind that movies, web browsing and playing games are the leading cause of using up battery fast.

Turn off show battery life as a percentage as this can save battery, to do this go to settings – general – usage.

Cellular phone networks need a lot of battery to get faster data speed and higher quality calls. If you want to save battery life then bear in mind that connecting to Wi-Fi is faster than using 3G but if Wi-Fi keeps trying to connect to a hotspot then it will drain down the battery.

If you don’t use maps you can turn off the GPS feature on your handset and this will save you battery. Bluetooth is another thing that you should not keep on all the time.

The iPhone comes with an ambient light sensor and this will alter the brightness of the display depending on how light it is. If you lower the brightness of the display it will save you battery life. So go into settings – brightness and wallpaper and choose auto brightness on.

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