iPhone 6 Release Date, Apple’s 6th Gen. Flagship Device & 1st Phablet To Hit the Market This Fall, Rumor Suggests

Apple will most certainly build a phablet-size iPhone 6 which will be thin and light according to buzzes. BGR recounted that a recent report from an analyst said that at least one iPhone 6 version will launch in the third quarter of the year. The China Post and Taipei Times have revealed that Taiwan’s Catcher Technology will be supplying metal casings for the iPhone 6. Morgan Stanley analyst Grace Chen wrote in a research note that Catcher will ship 10.5 million iPhone 6 casings this year, or 15% of the overall iPhone 6 orders.

“The ramping up of production of the iPhone 6 should start to help Catcher in the third quarter, making up 27 percent of the company’s third-quarter sales and 38 percent of its fourth quarter sales,” Chen said.

According to BGR, Morgan Stanley expects Catcher to ship 20 million casings for all iPhone models including the iPhone 6, covering 17% of all iPhone orders in 2014. Barclays Capital also sees Catcher as one of the iPhone 6 metal casing suppliers, and expects the iPhone 6 to be launched in the second half of the year. Barclays also thinks that new iPhone shipments will be 35% to 40% higher than iPhone 5s shipments following launch, saying Catcher will be responsible for 10% to 20% of casings for the handset.

The Apple-centric site hinted as well that even if the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will enjoy an earlier commercial debut than its bigger version, the likelihood is Apple will unveil the two devices simultaneously in September 2014.

And regardless of the separate release dates, the two iPhone 6 builds are expected to showcase premium specs – bannered by a 64-bit A8 chip plus more durable housing thanks to Liquidmetal case and sapphire coating – and killer features stuffed with iOS 8 coming out of the box.an entirely different name come the unwrapping time, CNET reported.

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