iPhone 6 Release Date: Launch Set For Friday, Sep. 19, ‘All iPhones Released Friday’; Leaked Video Suggests Unveiling At WWDC 2014?

iPhone 6 release date has been set by September 19th, say reports citing staff at German phone firm 

Deutsche Telekom. Support staff at the firm presumably got the information from the apfelpage.de website.

One of the mysteries surrounding the iPhone 6 release date is that while it is compliant with Apple’s affinity to release iPhones on a Friday, the Cupertinon California firm has never done it so early ahead of a possible release date. But September 19th is a Friday. Perhaps if it was the 13th, we could rule out the rumor.

Interestingly, Germany is a hot spot for early releases along with other countries in Europe such as the U.K.

A video of what the iPhone 6 looks like is available on the nowhereelse.fr. but the site has called it a ‘dummy.’

Fans attending the WWDC 2014 were disappointed  after the video proved to be fake. Propagated by reports by BGR among others, the video on the French website apparently carries some of the recently leaked images of the iPhone 6. After the video was circulated among fans, reportedly have allegedly said that the images are fake and that iPhone 6 will not unveil at WWDC 2014. This was confirmed by IBT:

Akash K.J. of IBT writes, “iPhone launches usually happen during September or October, and happen  to be monumental events in their own right. Anyway, this rumor will be  tested at Apple’s WWDC conference, which takes place on 2 June.”

Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to be its most revolutionary handset ever,  with the company expected to give it a large screen, Sapphire crystal  display, waterproofing and much more. Bumping the screen size from 4.” to something closer to 5″ is a major success factor for a smartphone. Analysts say that Apple needs to responds to Samsung’s recognition of consumers desires for a large screen phone, reported the Mirror.

Source: IBT

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