iPhone 6 Release Date: [VIDEO] With The Newly Announced iOS 8, How Will This Make The Upcoming Phone Better Than iPhone 5s?

iPhone 6 Release Date: The Apple iPhone 6 is probably the most anticipated device of this year. While no details have been shared by the Cupertino-based company, there are too much rumors and speculations which paints a blur image on what this upcoming smartphone has got to offer.

Among them is the idea of the iPhone 6 to feature a flexible screen. While many might think that the technology is still not ready for a public release, Apple might just throw a surprise. As such, it is best to keep the hopes up. On the other hand, everything has to be swallowed with a pinch of salt. So how will a flexible iPhone 6 look like? This unimaginable thought can now be viewed on an image. Arthur Reis has created a superb concept video demonstrating it that one can be fooled into thinking it is the real thing. So far, the only details regarding the phone’s appearance is it will be a lot thinner than the previous models. Some photos were leaked regarding the chassis of the iPhone 6 made their way online and it showed a display of 4.7 inches with a 6mm cross section. The images showed the device having rounded edges that are 67mm-by-138mm dimension and a power button slot, which is located on the right side of the handset. If the iPhone 6 was 6mm then it would mean that the iPhone 6 would be 1.6mm slimmer than the current iPhone 5 models. There are just too many great independent creative designers out there that one can only wonder on why they are not working for the company they’ve been visualizing for. Nevertheless, the designs were well done as these designers project their own version of iOS 8 and visualize the features they would like to see in the iPhone 6. Watch the video below:

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