iPhone 6 Rumors: 128 GB Storage On The Works To Address Increasing Apps Issues! iCloud Becoming Unfeasible For Apple?

As the number of downloadable Apps in the App Store increases, some users might be having a hard time choosing what Applications they should delete to give space for the newest Apps. Apple is rumored to be looking for a solution to this dilemma, and apparently, iCloud upgrade is not what they are looking at.

The iPhone 6 is the next big thing to come from Apple and there are allegations it might break the 64GB limit introduced on the iPhone 4S. With higher resolutions, graphic intensive games, and a lot of video watching, 64GB would not seem enough for users in the near future.

Since this rumor spread online, Apple gave out a statement and it appears that the iPhone 6 won’t come with the 128GB option, yet. The issue is never with the development of the hard drive but instead, with the growing popularity of cloud storage. By right, Apple could have easily introduced a larger storage space on the iPhone 5 but they choose not to.

In time, Apple might reconsider as the availability of Spotify, Netflix, Google Drive and iCloud has been working to their disadvantage. Despite the availability of server-based storage, we believe that the masses are not actually into them.

If consumers continuously stream, upload and download their own files from cloud, it will surely cut a hole in their wallet as the bandwidth size will have to be paid for.

With that being said, these are the few major flaws of sticking to Apple. It is either the company pushes for more internal storage or fans have to pray for cheaper mobile internet from their respective carriers.

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