iPhone 7 Release Date: Will It Be Launched At The Same Time As The iPhone 6? Is December The Month All Apple Fans Have Been Waiting For? New iOS Smartphone Priced At $649

Despite unofficial iPhone 7 release date rumors, fanatics of the Apple smartphone are still looking forward to the new iPhone 7 which boasts of better battery life and possibly even a built-in projector.

Rumor has it that there might be a possibility of Apple releasing two new iPhones this year. This gets all Apple fans excited since the iPhone 6 has not been launched.   Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty made the bold assumption after learning about Apple’s new technology that can accommodate multiple launches in a year. 

Her statement was timely released after a meeting with Apple CEO Time Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer. 

The assumption along with the fact that Apple has released two iPhones in 2013- the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c- made the rumor even more convincing.  According to Huberty, this development which can be likened to the quick release of the iPad 3 and 4, might also up the ante in iPhone updates and releases.

The new iPhone might be sold at a reasonable price, depending on how people see it, as suggested by the blog iPhone7update.com:

“Innovative features, user friendly interface, improved screen size, faster processor, and much more will make you spend slightly more than its previous models. The iPhone 7 is expected to be yours at $649 to $849. Besides, it is better not to make any wild guess on its price as Apple is known for offering its device at reasonable rates. What’s more, the tough competition of Android smartphones will not allow Apple to increase its price drastically and will keep it in its boundaries.”

It has also been said that Apple has been working on built-in projector technology for future iPhones and iPads.  The projector will enable users to automatically project presentations or movies without having to connect their phones to a separate equipment.  If this would prove to be successful, the iPhone 7 might be the first Apple product to debut the technology. 

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