Iron Man 4 Rumors: The Hulk Is Back! Tony Stark And Bruce Banner Shown In After Credits Scene, Will Johnny Depp Replace Robert Downey Jr?

We have been hearing several “Iron Man 4” rumors – whether it will push through or not. Fans of the Marvel superhero got their hopes up when Robert Downey Jr. announced that he was done filming “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Just a few days ago, Joss Whedon said that they are still halfway through the “Avengers 2”. The director tweeted, “Halfway through shooting! Think I’m holding up better than usual. #yoga” If they are still right in the middle of finishing the film, then why is Robert Downey Jr. done with it?

The 49-year old actor posted on Facebook, “Howdy folks. I’m still a newbie at this stuff, so kindly bear with… Just wrapped the Avengers: Age of Ultron gig, figured it was the right time to give you an advance look at a trailer for “The Judge”, coming out in October.

If his reason for finishing the “Avengers 2” early is to promote the first movie that was produced by Team Downey, then he still has time to do other things like shoot another film. Just the other day, Robert Downey Jr. posted on Facebook, “I’ve been unemployed for 2 days and require excitement. Time to start posting!”

The latest “Iron Man 4” rumors got stronger because the actor is now free to shoot the fourth installment of the Marvel Comics classic. Upon watching the after credits scene of “Iron Man 3”, people have been speculating another team up between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

The last scene showed Robert Downey Jr. opening up to Mark Ruffalo like he was his shrink. The next sequel could be the continuation of that last scene so the Hulk has a high chance of returning in the movie. According to Enstarz, Mark Ruffalo said: “If they do Iron Man 4 and Banner is in that, that would be very cool.”

However, the website also reported that Robert is ready to give up his role for someone younger. The actor allegedly said, “I’ll put myself at the top of the list. Sooner or later, they’ve got to start over and get somebody young. I’m not there with them yet.” Now, who could be the next Tony Stark?

Robert Downey Jr. teased his fans by posting a photo of Johnny Depp wearing the Iron Man suit and him as Jack Sparrow. He captioned the photo, “Now there’s a weird crossover idea.” After posting that photo, new “Iron Man 4” rumors spread that Johnny will be the next Tony Stark. Do you think he fits the role?

Watch the after credits scene of Iron Man 3:

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