Is Dwyane Wade Sick that’s Why He is not Performing Well?

A lot has been said with regards to Miami Heat losing over San Antonio Spurs during the 2014 NBA Finals. Apparently, they saw LeBron James effort during the Game 5 of the conference finals, having his game high 31 points with 10 rebounds making sure that the team has a chance for another game in the finals. Unfortunately, it did not materialize and according to much speculation, they say that it was specifically because of Dwayne Wade.

Wade had a horrible post season having averaged a measly 17.8 points per game but noting that this was higher compared to last year in which Miami had won the championships. What sports enthusiast noticed is that Wade was not at his best during Game 4 and Game of the NBA finals which was critical for the team to win. The 32 year old point guard only had 10 points in game 4 and 11 points in game 5.

Many assumed that Wade’s performance deterioration was due to poor health as he had to deal with a knee injury during the games. But according to the Redeem Team member, “I just struggled a little bit. As I told you guys, I’m never going to point at anything physically. I felt fine. I just struggled a little bit offensively. You know, I wish I could have done more, but it’s the nature of the game. So [it’s] nothing physically at all.”

Wade’s knee concerns have been with him since college. He had his meniscus removed and because of this, recently he has been feeling soreness on his knee, hamstring and back contraction.

Good thing for Wade, he has the support from a lot of People. According to NBA President, Pat Riley, “For 10 years, this has been a Dwyane Wade-driven thing. He’s a champion, He’s a world champion and he’s a Miami Heat for life. He’s an icon and one of the great players in the world.”

This statement completely sums up what Dwyane Wade has done for NBA as well as for the Miami Heat. Only time will tell what will happen to Wade in the future. Moreover, it is with Wade to decide where he will lead his future career in NBA.

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