Is LeBron James opting to Leave Miami Heats and become a Free Agent?

A lot of rumors have been heard around with regards to LeBron James’ decision to stay with the turf of Miami Heat. It has been discussed before that the sole reason why James transferred to another team away from his home state is because of his desire to win an NBA championship as well as to be named the MVP. That is the reason why a lot of stories have been flying whether the King will be staying with the Heat or will be moving out to a much stronger team.

According to one executive, he believes that there is a 60% chance that LeBron James will be staying with the Heat. There have been reports saying that the King will be weighing on his decision this week. Besides that, there are stories swirling around stating that the Houston Rockets are considering on picking LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Bosh.

What will James consider in choosing to remain at Miami Heat? The Heat is a stable team which has won two consecutive NBA championships with LeBron in it. Aside from that, James has been with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade alongside him playing for the team.  James considers Bosh and Wade as his close friends.

But what can keep him from signing again with the team? It was reported that James was not happy with Heat owner, Micky Arison, decision to cut back on the expenditure for the team’s improvement.

So, should Miami Heat be worried over the 40% chance of James leaving the team? Forty percent is still a big margin in which the team should be thinking about. But no one will ever know not until James decides when he would want to go and which team he would opt to choose. As to when James will decide, no one knows. But he has to make a decision sooner or later as the next season of the NBA’s will be starting soon. Besides, no matter where LeBron James will be heading, surely a lot of his fans would still be there supporting him all throughout his career. Best of luck to King James whether he stays of leaves Miami Heat, who knows.

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