Is Winter Finally Coming? Game Of Thrones Season 5 Rumors! HBO Expected To Step It Up, With More Reveals Beyond The Wall, More Characters Introduced (And Killed) To Boot

Game of Thrones Season 5 rumors leak in fan forums and websites, with spoilers validated by George R.R. Marin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” series of books.

The big question mark on Season 5: is winter finally coming to Winterfell? Season 4 wrapped up with serious reveals beyond the North Wall. Internal conflicts still plague the kingdoms, but signs of the bigger battle start to brew up.

One of season 4’s biggest event was the Wildling attack on the North Wall, as well as the arrival of Stannis’s army to save the day and the remnants of the Brothers of the Night Watch. Melisandre’s encounter with Jon Snow hints of the latter’s mysterious past, which is likely developed on the next season.

There’s also that one detail left out of season 4, a much-anticipated reentry of someone from the House of Stark. Followers of the book series are all-too-familiar with her, and HBO producers would be remiss if she’s totally cut out of the story.

Bran is further beyond the wall and meets the three-eyed raven at the heart tree. Show producers are expected to confirm more Game of Thrones Season 5 rumors using the heart tree as mechanism, with Bran seeing both past and future in flashbacks and flash-forwards.

The series can fill in the gaps detailed in the R.R. Martin books through Bran’s visions with the three-eyed raven, including the words Ned Stark kept on praying at Winterfell’s heart tree.

Season 4 left the Lannisters in King’s Landing in serious trouble, with Jamie and Tyrione’s participation. The “real-world’ conflict of the kingdoms continue in Cersei and Tyrione, and it’s likely HBO will play with these plot in transition to bigger backdrops, involving the enemy behind the wall and from across the sea. The Mother of Dragons has yet to make a comeback.

Game of Thrones Season 5 rumors are all but confirmed by the books, but to what extent these are confirmed in the episodes is all up to the producers (


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