Israel Expands Probe For Missing Teens, 150 Palestinians Detained

Israel security forces rounded up Hamas activists and militants in Hebron as part of the massive search operation for the three abducted Israeli teenagers who were reportedly missing late Thursday night in the West Bank city.

Over 150 Palestinians were apparently detained by the Military troops on Monday. Among those detainees were 10 Hamas members of the Palestinian Parliament and several Palestinian lawmakers, including parliament speaker Aziz Dweik.

Israel’s government was reportedly contemplating series of actions, including deportation of Hamas leaders from the West Bank to Gaza, where Hamas remains the de facto power on the ground, despite the unity deal.

Massive search operations have been expanded to locate the missing Israeli teenagers. Large numbers of Israeli troops have been involved, conducting streets and house to house confrontation in some areas.

According to Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, the search was being conducted in the wider Hebron area and that forces have not yet zeroed in a particular neighborhood.

“Time is always a negative factor, the more goes by the less positive it is, but our working assumption … is that the boys are alive and we are exerting every effort to reach them,” Hanegbi told Israel Radio.

Meanwhile, It was also reported that an Israeli gunfire killed a 20-year-old Palestinian and wounded another in one of its confrontation. According to the report, Palestinians threw rocks at soldiers conducting house-to-house searches in al-Jalazoun refugee camp, outside Ramallah, before dawn.

Gaza Strip, a Plaestinian territory fired several rockets in Israel on Saturday and Sunday. Israel launched air strikes at training camps used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday has alleged that Hamas are those behind the abduction of  three teenagers.

The three teenagers were reportedly missing in Jewish Settlements in the West Bank bus stop, near the Palestinian City of Hebron. The abduction occured in the middle of Israel-Palestin tensions.

The Palestinian leader had remained silent about the Israel’s allegation since Thursday, but issued a statement Monday in which he condemned both the kidnappings and Israeli round up arrests.

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