Jackie Chan Full Movie: Watch The Hong Kong Action Superstar In His New Film Alongside John Cusack and Adrien Brody!

See Jackie Chan’s new movie in full!

Jackie Chan’s latest flick “Dragon Blade” will star John Cusack and Adrien Brody. The two actors will play Roman soldiers in the movie.

As of writing, the movie has completed shooting at Hengdian World Studios. Two more locations are up before they finally complete the movie- Dunhuang City and Gobi Desert.

“Dragon Blade” will tell the story of Roman soldiers who travelled to China in 48 B.C. The movie will be directed by Daniel Lee.

Chan shared how he felt when he found out he will be working alongside 2 big Hollywood names in a recent interview. “I’m really excited to be in a movie with two of the most respected actors working today,” said Chan.

“It gives me confidence that the decade we spent researching and developing the script has produced something of a world-class standard.”

While Brody had this to say about Chan:

“It is a dream to finally work with Jackie. Aside from my longtime appreciation for his many talents, he is a beacon of generosity, and an inspiration to me,” he said.

“Dragon Blade is a tale of mythical proportions — of good prevailing over evil — and an opportunity for me to explore a character whose ambition challenges his honor.”

Watch Jackie Chan’s full movie “Dragon Blade” when it hits the big screen on February 2016. It will be shown in 3D IMAX on the Chinese Lunar New Year.

For more news on Jackie Chan’s latest movie, stay tuned to Kdrama Stars.

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