James Franco Instagram: Dave Franco Doesn’t Mind His Brother’s Racy Photos! ‘Neighbors’ Star Reveals Bromance With Zac Efron, Actor Says ‘He Broke His Hand On My Balls’

Just a few days ago, followers of James Franco’s Instagram account had a chance to see the closeness of the Franco brothers. The “Palo Alto” star greeted his brother Dave Franco on his birthday. He posted two photos: one showed James, Tom and David when they were still small and the other was when they were all grown up. The 36-year old actor captioned the photo “Happy bday Davy!!! BIG BROTHERS LOVE YOU!”

Aww, isn’t that sweet of him to say? This surely removed your negative thoughts on the James Franco Instagram scandal. The actor got caught in several issues because of his posts on Instagram. First was flirting with a minor and the others were posting nearly naked photos.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, Dave Franco was asked what his thoughts are about the racy pictures on James Franco’s Instagram. The 29-year old actor said, “I know better than to tell him what to do with regard to anything at this point. What a lot of people think is crazy is also what I admire about him: He does what he wants, and he’s not afraid of how people are going to perceive him.”

Who else would best understand James Franco than his own brother, right? Having grown up in a liberal and artistic environment will broaden your mind and give you a different perception in life. Davy showed his support for his brother by saying, “Someone in his position who will put himself out on a limb like that, I think it’s refreshing.”

He explained, “So I’m not the one to tell him to stop posting naked pictures of himself on Instagram-not that I’m necessarily rushing to check these pictures out-but he can do what he wants.”

After chatting about James Franco’s Instagram account, he revealed his special relationship with “Neighbors” co-star Zac Efron. The former Disney star told E! Online that he broke his right hand during a stage fight with Dave Franco, but he didn’t say the specific details.

Dave finally revealed what happened: “Well…he can claim it was on a mantel, but I’m 98 percent sure it was upon impact of my balls.” He added, “It was a typical stand-off where we’re holding on to each other’s balls and we were wearing cups over our junk, and I really do think that he came in hard and literally fractured his hand.”

The “Now You See Me” star proudly said, “So, regardless of what happens in my career from here on out, I can always fall back on the fact that Zac Efron broke his hand on my balls. We’re supposed to have this intense bromance to the point where a lot of people have asked, Are you guys secretly gay for each other in the movie? But I think that just means we’ve done our job.”

It seems that Davy is following his brother’s footstep by building a bromance relationship with Zac Efron just like James did with Seth Rogen. Let’s just hope that the young actor doesn’t start posting scandalous photos like we’ve seen on James Franco’s Instagram.

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