James Rodriguez Succeeds in Brining Colombia further to the World Cup

Colombia had James Rodriguez to thank for making another history for the. This is the first time that Colombia is able to reach the quarter finals of the world cup as they have secured a seat in the top 8. 

The match between Colombia and Uruguay was played at Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro. It seemed like the loss of Luis Suarez of Uruguay made a strong impact to the team’s performance. This gave the Colombians a chance to pounce the team to a 2-0 win. And this is all thanks to the 22 year old midfielder who managed to secure two goals for the team making sure that their team takes the lead.

Rodriguez made his first stunning goal during the first half of the game right at the 28 minute. James was able to control the ball and hit it off the underside of the bar and over the line. The first had ended with a 1-0 score with the Colombians leading the game. But Rodriguez didn’t have enough. Right after the second half started, the AS Monaco player made another goal at the 50 minute locking a back to back goal for the.

Right after the second goal from Rodriguez, it was generally a toss and turn until the game commenced. According to Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay manager “Those who do things which have nothing to do with life experience – Maradona, Messi, Suarez – do things because they have certain gifts that make them special,.” He continued “James Rodriguez is the best player in the World Cup.”

On the other hand, when the Uruguay coach was asked on how he prepared his team for the game he answered “We had only to bring out the positive things from that [Suarez] situation, That created a lot of strength and willingness to come out of the match positively.”

Uruguay loss cut their bid for the world cup. With this, Colombia will be moving forward to the top 8 teams for the quarter final completion. It is still unknown how Colombia will fare knowing that this is the first time they have moved ahead but with James Rodriguez on the team and a lot of support from the squad, surely Colombia will be a team to look out for.

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