January Jones Instagram: ‘Mad Men’ Actress Posts ‘Racist’ Throwback Photo; Says She Does Not Have Patience For Hate

“Mad Men” actress January Jones posted a throwback Thursday photo in  her Instagram but immediately deleted it after receiving comments that she was being “racist.” She added on her new post that she has “no patience for hate.”

The actress initially posted a photo of her younger self, posing in between two shirtless black men for a catalog as she wore a tribal-inspired sweater vest, reported.

The “Mad Men” actress captioned, “I finally found it! #tbt to my first paid “modeling” gig for a knitting magazine in South Dakota #nailedit.”

But the supposedly fun January Jones Instagram throwback photo back lashed with negative remarks saying that the post was “racist” and “offensive.”

The 36-year-old star immediately removed the racist throwback photo after a couple of hours and replaced it with another one.


ail also reported that before the controversial January Jones Instagram phot was erased, she deleted first the comments below it.

“Why are my comments about your racist ad being racist being deleted?” said one commentator.

Another Instagram user fillenoire90 said the photo was “offensive because the American people were used in the image as if they were props.”

The blue-eyed “Mad Men” actress said that she had to replace her throwback Thursday photo because of the too many “negative comments and assumptions” she was receiving.

She added, “This forum should be a happy and fun place I had no patience for hate.”

January Jones posted another photo in Instagram as a replacement, showing the “Mad Men” actress in a sweater dress. She was also carrying an oversized bag that seemed to be from the same photo shoot of the women’s catalog.

The actress has been posting throwback photos of her modeling gigs in her Instagram for the past weeks.

Last week, she posted in her January Jones Instagram a photo where she was a bridal model in 1996 that includes as hash tag, “#ifonlyihadanickelforeverytimeivebeenafakebride.

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