Jared Leto News: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Star Invests In Silicon Valley Startup Zenefits; Does Marvel Want Him To Play Dr. Strange?

Jared Leto has invested in a Silicon Valley startup, Zenefits. “The Dallas Buyers Club” star is among one of the early investors in a human resources automation company, Zenefits, which is one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley.

The year-old firm said on Tuesday June 3 that it had raised $66.5 million in its second round of financing; it now has a total of $84 million in funding.

Leto is helping the company break into markets in the media industry says Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad. “He actually recognized this as something interesting from what he knew from starting his own businesses,” Conrad said. In early December, Zenefits had only 15 employees but it now has 130 according to Conrad. Zenefits is now on track for 1,300% growth in the next year according to CNN Money.

Leto has been involved in business before, having launched various business ventures, including a digital media and marketing company called The Hive, and VyRT, a live concert streaming service.

As a centralized human resources automation company, Zenefits’ technology handles human resources tasks, including benefits and payroll enrollment, health insurance, and 401k administration for small businesses.

In Badass Digest’s report, it was said that Scott Derickson was in talks to be selected to direct Dr. Strange. There’s a suggestion that Derrickson may take a pass at the script. However, there was also this in the report, “have also heard that Marvel likes (or liked, I don’t know what the current status of this is) Jared Leto for Stephen Strange. God help us all if that’s true.”

Badass Digest also reports that Mads Mikkelsen was on the list, Johnny Depp has been named and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was associated by some reports.

Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews, who won the Oscar for best hair and make-up for their work on The Dallas Buyers Club, recently said “Would Jared and Matthew have won without us doing their hair and make-up? I honestly don’t think so either. I think we are all tied really tightly together forever in history because of what we achieved.” 

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