Jay Z And Beyonce Flashed Justin Bieber’s Mugshot On Stage During On The Run Tour; ‘Even The Greatest Can Fall’ Comment Generated Mixed Reactions From Bieber Fans

Jay Z and Beyonce surely sizzled on stage during the opening night of ‘On The Run Tour’ in Miami last Wednesday, but the couple started to heat things up even more when Justin Bieber’s mugshot was displayed in a montage during the performance of “H to the Izzo”.

The montage kicked off with side-by-side shots of the married celebrities, followed by other celebrity mugshots including David Bowie and Robert Downey Jr. But what made the “Boyfriend” singer’s surprise appearance more prominent than the previous ones was when the music momentarily turned into silence, giving more focus on Bieber’s face on screen.

The mugshot was taken last January after the pop star’s DUI Arrest in Miami. It was 4AM when he was pulled over and admitted that he had also smoked marijuana.

According to fans, Queen B even said: “Even the greatest can fall”, referring to the 20-year-old singer who has been arrested countless times these past few months. Concertgoers had various reactions regarding this gimmick, and of course, Beyonce’s comment outraged Bieber’s fans on Twitter. On the other side, others considered B’s comment more of a tribute than an insult.

Though Bieber is yet to openly comment on this stunt, this retweeted post, which shows his mugshot together with Bill Gates’, Rakim’s, and Tupac’s, proves that maybe he’s a little more proud of this kind of exposure:

What do you think of Beyonce’s comment? Is it disrespectful or just a reflection of truth? Let us know in the comments section below!

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