Jay Z Beyonce Divorce Rumors, Joint ‘On the Run’ Tour Continues! Couple In Spat For Infidelity Leaks, Talks With Gwyneth Paltrow For Possible ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

Jay Z Beyonce divorce rumors continue, as tension between the couple heightens in their upcoming joint tour; insider sources hint all is not well.

Sources consider their separate living and travel accommodations as signs of brewing tension, considering they’re performing on the same stage in their joint “On the Run” tour. Developments come weeks after news and release of supposed video footage of the Solange and Jay Z

elevator scuffle, at a Met Gala party.

An insider to Grazia business magazine revealed awkward arrangements for the couple’s Miami stadium tour: “They might be sharing a stage, but while on tour they’ll be living practically separate lives. Tensions between them are worse than ever meaning they will be travelling between venues independently, staying in different hotel suites and even having separate entourages. They’ll also have individual dressing rooms, so the only time they’re together will be while they’re performing.”

Infidelity is the supposed reason for the change in the couple’s marriage climate, with reports of Jay Z fathering a love child making matters worse. The couple is evidently showing a united front in public, but those close to them claim it’s a façade; it’s business as usual with the tours and performances.

Jay Z Beyonce divorce rumors persist even if the couple commits to their US and European tours, though it’s likely each will dread the experience of performing with the significant other on stage.

“They’ve both been dreading the tour. Cancelling wasn’t an option, so on the surface it’s going to be business as usual, they they’re both struggling with trust issues after the spate of cheating allegations. Jay’s given Beyoncé unlimited access to his texts and emails to try and keep the peace, but a lot of their communication will be through assistants.” (



Recent reports peg Beyonce in counseling talks of ”

conscious uncoupling

” with best friend Gwyneth Paltrow, fueling the Jay Z Beyonce divorce rumors (



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