Jen Selter Causes Instagram Butt Selfie Controversy?

Instagram star Jen Selter was recently featured in Vanity Fair, thanks to her countless, famous butt selfies.

Recently, a blogger and musician from Los Angeles, Meghan Tonjes, received an e-mail notifying her that her butt selfie was taken down because it violated the site’s nudity rules, according to the Daily Mail.

29-year-old Tonjes had shared an image of herself posing with her butt to the camera, wearing a pair of black bikini briefs and T-shirt with the caption “booty appreciation #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards.”

The notification was shocking primarily because other Instagram users, such as Jen Selter and Kim Kardashian, have posted butt selfie after butt selfie without any issues.

Tonjes, who reportedly weighed 321 pounds at her heaviest and has since been slimming, responded to the e-mail she received with a YouTube video accusing Instagram of double standards.

“I have no shame. I’ve posted photos along my weight-loss transformation of me in gym clothes, in underwear, just photos of parts of my body that I’m super happy with and I’m super proud of and I’ve embraced getting older,” states Tonjes in the eight-and-a-half-minute-long video.

She adds “I have pride for my curves. My still very fat body, I like a lot.”

Instagram has since restored Tonje’s butt selfie back to her account.

Jen Selter continues to use her Instagram fame to promote herself, as her fitness campaign has now gone viral.

Selter appeared in People’s “Hollywood’s Most Talked About Bodies” and now has 3.4 millions follows on Instagram, according to the publication Design And Trend.

The 20-year-old explained her road to Instagram fame, stating, “I started posting motivating fitness pictures and quotes that got me up and wanting to work out. When I randomly added a photo of my own body, I saw a lot of likes.”

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