Jenna Ushkowitz And Michael Trevino Break Up; Glee Actress And The Vampire Diaries Actor Announce Split While Signing Autographs

Jenna Ushkowitz

and Michael Trevino break up! Ushkowitz announced the breakup while signing autographs at

The Normal Heart

premiere in Beverly Hills May 19. When a videographer asked if she was still with Trevino, Ushkowitz replied, “No, we’re not together anymore.”

The Glee actress, 28, and The Vampire Diaries actor, 29, began dating in 2011.

The videographer apologized, but Ushkowitz told him, “That’s OK. No worries.” The recently single star was then asked if she’s on good terms with her ex-boyfriend. “We’re wonderful,” Ushkowitz insisted.

When they first began dating, a timid Ushkowitz told Ryan Seacrest she and Trevino were “very close.” Over the next few years, however, the private pair said little about their romance. In fact, the amicable exes only mentioned each other a few times via social media.

Four months ago, Ushkowitz posted a vintage picture from the 2011 SAG Awards on Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who has taught me how to laugh and love more and more everyday. Congrats on another year around the sun.”

Ushkowitz wrote a similar Instagram caption a year prior: “A very happy birthday to my best friend… The awesomest @Michael_Trevino. Congrats on another year around the sun.”

Trevino mentioned Ushkowitz just once when he promoted her book, Choosing Glee, in May 2013.

The pair made their first public appearance at the 2011 SAG Awards and several after parties, and although they kept their relationship pretty low-profile, it’s pretty clear that they were crazy about eachother.

Back in 2011, a source close to the couple said Michael “adores” the Glee actress and in March 2012 Jenna was spotted wearing Michael’s Mystic Falls sweatshirt on the Glee set. Aww!

No word yet on what caused the split but Jenna seems to be taking this latest turn of events in stride. She looked gorgeous in a two-pieced neon ensemble.

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