Jennifer Aniston Latest News: ‘Friends’ Star Scared To Face Her Ex Brad Pitt At George Clooney’s Wedding? Actress Trying To Build Her Confidence; Is She Calling Off Her Engagement With Justin Theroux?

What is the latest news on Jennifer Aniston?  People know that she is engaged to be married to fiancé Justin Theroux, but what is she busy with these days?

Shockingly, Aniston is not busy preparing for wedding, but is instead busy preparing herself to see ex Brad Pitt and his fiancée Angelina Jolie.

Because of the highly anticipated wedding of Hollywood actor and friend George Clooney, Aniston will have to interact with Pitt and Jolie after their publicized divorce in 2005.

Reports have confirmed that the “Friends” star is seeking the help of a confidence coach to help her with her dilemma.  Aniston was reportedly so anxious that she decided to finally ask help from a professional.

“Jen’s no stranger to therapy, so she decided to seek some help,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“The therapist has been helping to build her confidence and eliminate the fear she seems to have built up about coming face-to-face with them,” added the source. “She has also been having hypnotherapy.”

Not her first time to try hypnotherapy, the 45-year-old actress has spoken openly in the past about her belief in the method. She claimed that it’s the “easiest way to feel happy again when life seems against you.”

But, how is Aniston’s fiancé taking all these?  Rumors are starting to go around that the two are on the brink of calling it quits on their engagement.  However, these reports prove to be just that- rumors.

The source continues to tell that Theroux will be with Aniston at Clooney’s wedding.

“At the wedding, she’ll have Justin there for support.”

“The Oscars were one thing, but George’s wedding will involve being in a smaller, far more intimate group where they won’t be able to avoid one another,” added the source.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston seeking help to build her confidence?  Sound off below!

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