Jennifer Lawrence Death: Is The ‘Hunger Games’ Star Dead? JLaw’s Soul Sold For AUD16 Online

Reports have been making their rounds online about Jennifer Lawrence death.  One particular site has put up her soul for auction.

Rumors of JLaw’s are apparently fabricated since the star is seen just recently with boyfriend Nicolas Hoult and has been busy promoting her new movie “Joy.”

However, this didn’t stop a seller on website Etsy from selling her soul.  In fact, JLaw’s soul has already been sold as of writing.

According to International Business Times, “A seller on the e-commerce site claims that she has harvested the souls of celebrities, including the “Hunger Games” star’s, Ryan Gosling’s and Beyonce’s, and they are available for a small price to online buyers.”

“Molly Gates, who runs her store SoulsRUs on Etsy, is offering clients unique but dubious products, namely, souls of celebrities.”

Gates sells the celebrity souls in mason jars.  JLaw’s soul was reportedly bought for AUD16. “A few years ago, I saw a listing where some dude was selling his own soul in a plain, sealed mason jar for over $1,000,” the seller told MTV .

“I wanted to do something similar for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s annual art sale, but instead of selling my own soul I’d sell celebrities’ instead. I also wanted to be able to see the soul in the jar, just so that customers would know that they’re getting a legit product and not just a $15 mason jar.”

Gates further explained:

“I’ve perfected my reaping process over the years, now preferring to wait until my person of interest is asleep,” she said. “I sneak to their bed, do some hocus pocus and coax their soul out and into my waiting jar. I label each one and ship it the day following the reaping to ensure freshness.”

Would you buy Jennifer Lawrence’s or any celebrity’s soul? 

For the latest Jennifer Lawrence news stay tuned here!

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