Jennifer Lopez Opens Up Regarding On Going Feud with Mariah Carey, Poor Album Sales and More

Jennifer Lopez recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show ”

” to promote her newly released album “A.K.A.”

However, the 44-year-old “American Idol” judge wasn’t able to escape some of the most controversial questions thrown at her, E! News has said.

Cohen told Lopez that he was a major fan of “Bennifer” or of the singer and ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck’s relationship.

The host then asked, “Was the transformation of Ben Affleck your doing? Did you dress him when you were dating?”

Lopez replied, “I did kind of like say, ‘You’re a movie star! You should wear a suit! You should do this with your hair!’ For sure, I mean, do that. By the way, guys do that to girls too… He had some good fashion moments when he was with me.”

The “I Luh Ya Papi” was then asked by Cohen whether or not her “ongoing” feud Mariah Carey is indeed true, according to the

Daily Mail.

She clarified, “I don’t have a feud against her at all. I know from back in the day, I’ve read things that she’s said about me that were not the greatest, but we have never met. Like, we don’t know each other. I think it’s kind of from word of mouth of things that have happened in the past that I’m both really aware of. But I don’t know.”

Lopez continued, “I would love to meet her and I would love to be friends with her. I think she’s incredibly talented and I’ve always been a fan of hers. ‘My All’ is one of my favorite songs of all time. I just love her. It saddens me to hear anything that’s negative because I’m a fan of hers.”

Cohen also asked Lopez regarding her recent breakup from former backup dancer Casper Smart. “By the way, speaking of dancers, what’s the best and worst part about dating a dance?”

“The best and worst part? I mean, there’s no bad part to it, really. It’s not about the fact that they’re a dancer or not a dancer. I’ve dated two dancers. One, I had a brief marriage with, Chris Judd, who is an amazing person and whom I love, and then Beau, who we just broke up, who I love as well. He’s a good friend.”

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