Jennifer Lopez World Cup Song Takes The FIFA 2014 Crowds By Storm! ‘We Are One’ Kicks Off Opening Match Between Brazil and Croatia; Pitbull Owns The Stage With Brasil’s Very Own Claudia Leitte

Jennifer Lopez World Cup song took the stage by storm, getting the crowds pumped and ready for yesterday’s opening match.

Football fans gathered yesterday for the sport’s biggest annual event; FIFA World Cup opened with a bang, and Jennifer Lopez’ performance prepped the crowd for what turned out as an intense first match.

Jennifer Lopez led the celebration, alongside Pittbull and Brazil’s pride Claudia Leitte, performing “We Are One (Ole Ola)” in front of screaming crowds. The opening ceremony is reported to cost an estimated £4.5million, an expected price tag considering the anticipation for this year’s FIFA World Cup Tournament.

“We Are One (Ole Ola)” is the official World Cup song, which the trio released as an official music video weeks before yesterday’s kickoff. The single is follows up on Shakira’s previous hit “Waka Waka.”

Jennifer Lopez World Cup song was performed in a gladiator-inspired green leotard, which is mirrored in Claudia Leitte’s blue outfit. Pitbull wore a yellow shirt with the word “Brasil” printed on it. They owned the giant stage and encouraged the crowd to join in the celebration.

The thirty-minute opening ceremony was choreographed by Paulo Barros, starting with children, garbed in colors representative of 32 nations, bounced around in trampolines. The bustle of activity is heightened with a revolving train of performers, dressed as trees and flowers.

Performances came in phases or waves; one in particular has performers wearing costumes of life-size footballs and referees, a playful tease for upcoming matches.

The colorful theme was representative of Brazil’s diversity, in culture and in nature. The celebrations revolved around a globe in the center of the Corinthians Arena, displaying the flags of participating countries and resembling the Brazuca, the official ball of the tournament.

Jennifer Lopez World Cup song headlined and wrapped up the opening ceremony, the culmination of rehearsals reported to started as early as March (


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