Jermaine Jones Broken Nose will Not Stop Him from Playing in World Cup; Jones Says “No” to Protective Mask

Jermaine Jones broken nose story could have stopped him from playing in the World Cup. However, it looks like this facial injury has not deterred him from representing his country in the prestigious football tournament.

Jones is a midfielder who plays for the American team in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. After they played against Germany on Thursday, a Jermaine Jones broken nose controversy immediately stirred, saying that he might not be able to resume playing. However, fans were surprised to find him on the field when USA played against Belgium on Tuesday.

According to the statement released by the spokesperson of the US Soccer Federation, Michael Kammarman, Jones and another midfielder, Alejandro Bedoya, were constantly checked for signs of concussion. The two collided with one another during the game’s 2 half, and they have undergone various physical checks since then. Based on medical findings, there were no reasons to stop them from playing.

Despite the fracture, there was no discoloration on his nasal area. Also, Jones will not be wearing a protective mask. He was asked about the accident, and he said, “I don’t remember really what happened. I went for a header. The feeling was that it was broken.”

Kammarman also insisted that his injury was not serious since there was no visible bruising surrounding the affected area, unlike what happened with Clint Dempsey’s nose after playing against Ghana. He said, “He looks unaffected. You can’t even see any discoloration. So, it appears to be a minor fracture. He is fine. He’s available to play.”

Recently, there have been rumors that the Brazilian football team is feeling nervous, which is pretty normal when it comes to competitions. However, Luiz Felipe Scolari is confident that his team will not be on the losing end. He shared, “It’s normal to feel uncomfortable and anxious ahead of this 1 elimination game. We know we can’t make mistakes. We can’t lose.” It looks like Brazil will be on their A-game in the coming matches. Perhaps they see the Jermaine Jones broken nose injury as an advantage.

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