Ji Sung Discusses Children, Relationships, And His Wife Lee Bo Young

Ji Sung Discusses Children
Ji Sung Discusses Children


Actor Ji Sung shares his thoughts on his marriage, and his desire to expand their family.

He admitted, “I want to be a father soon.  We don’t have any specific plans, like how many children we want; we just want to have children in a relaxed manner.”

Between family and work, he chose, “My wife and family will always be my priority. If given a good project, I’ll do it, but not if I have to set aside my family for work.”

“We got into a lot of arguments when we were dating, but now that we’re married, there’s not much more to fight about. People say that you fight the most during the first year of marriage, but because we’ve dated for years before we got married, we know each other well enough to understand what the other thinks. We think the same, we have the same job, and we understand each other a lot.”

He added, “Because we know what we need, and we know the reason why we work hard, there’s no point in fighting.”

Ji Sung also talked about his wife Lee Bo Young, “My wife brought me back to be being a child, and played a huge part in channelling my boyish attitude. I feel younger when I’m with her because I tend to follow her innocence. I tend to laugh uncontrollably now.”

“I don’t want to lose the innocence and sincerity I have now, especially as an actor. It may seem like I’ve become more serious and mature now that I’ve become older, but I don’t care about it now.”

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