Ji Sung Makes Potentially Controversial Drug Comment About Co-Star Joo Ji Hoon

Ji Sung Makes Potentially Controversial Drug Comment About Co-Star Joo Ji Hoon
Ji Sung Makes Potentially Controversial Drug Comment About Co-Star Joo Ji Hoon


Actor Ji Sung made a lighthearted comment about his “Good Friends” co-star Joo Ji Hoon but then realized that it might potentially be controversial. Fortunately Joo Ji Hoon was able to joke about it.

Ji Sung, last seen in the melodrama “Secrets,” is known for being friendly and getting close to his co-stars. In the process of filming “Good Friends,” a story about three friends, he enjoyed spending free time with his co-stars Lee Kwang Soo and Joo Ji Hoon.

At the press conference Ji Sung and Joo Ji Hoon were talking about the fact that Ji Sung injured his hip during the filming of some action scenes.

“There was a scene in the movie where Ji Sung had to drive at full speed and make a U-turn,” said Joo Ji Hoon. “He couldn’t walk straight afterward because something went wrong in his hip joint. But he wanted to continue filming.”

Joo Ji Hoon gave him some over-the-counter painkillers so he could continue working.

“Joo Ji Hoon is like a pharmacy,” said Ji Sung. “He has all kinds of drugs. So I got some medicine from him.”

As soon as Ji Sung said that he realized that his words might have created a potentially embarrassing situation. In 2009 the Seoul Metropolitan Police arrested Joo Ji Hoon along with 15 people on suspicions of supplying the drug Ecstasy. Joo Ji Hoon pleaded guilty to using the drug as well as another drug, Ketamine. He was sentenced to six months of jail time, a sentence that was suspended for a year; 120 hours of community service, and he had to pay a fine.

After serving his sentence the actor enlisted for two years of mandatory military service, then made his comeback with the comedy film “I Am A King.” Joo Ji Hoon was last seen in the medical drama “Medical Top Team.”

Fortunately, Joo Ji Hoon has a sense of humor. He lightened a potentially tense situation by making a joke about the drug reference. “That’s a very dangerous thing to say,” he said.

To embarrass Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo and Joo Ji Hoon mentioned Ji Sung’s drinking habits. Joo Ji Hoon says that when he drinks Ji Sung does not let go of the microphone in noraebangs. Lee Kwang Soo mentioned that he likes to talk a lot when he drinks.

“Ji Sung starts talking about himself when he gets drunk. He starts sharing about his past and drags it on for a long time. It’s okay for the first couple of times but you tire of reacting to what he says,” said Lee Kwang Soo.

Ji Sung pretended to get mad at this.

“Good Friends” is a film about three men who have been friends since childhood but their friendship is threatened when one of them gets involved in a crime. The film premieres on July 10.

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