John Krasinki’s Wife Emily Blunt Claims Baby Hazel, Family Life ‘A Welcome Distraction’

John Krasinki's Wife Emily Blunt Claims Baby Hazel

John Krasinki's Wife Emily Blunt Claims Baby Hazel, Family Life 'A Welcome Distraction'

Emily Blunt gushed about baby Hazel and her marriage to John Krasinski as she said that her family has become a welcome refuge from the craziness of life.
Speaking to Radio Times, as shared by Daily Mail , she said that having a family “changes you infinitely in a rather overwhelming way.”

“The best way I can describe it is that it’s like this lovely distraction that I always have,” she said. “It’s always there and I love that feeling.”
In a previous interview with E! News , Emily Blunt said that she and John Krasinski are going old-school in raising baby Hazel.
“I think everything is on a gadget nowadays and I just want her to have the satisfaction I had as a kid. You want things to be sensory for kids.”
“I think kids are just remarkable on these things,” the “Edge of Tomorrow” actress added of technology.. “I’m a dinosaur with them. I barely know how to turn things on. She’s going to teach me more than any computer class.”
Meanwhile, during the Radio Times interview, Emily Blunt again did not hold anything when asked about what he feels about Los Angeles.
“It’s complicated! I love so much about LA and I hate a lot about it, too,” she said. “I hate that it’s a one-industry town and that the quest for success emanates from every corner of it. It can be suffocating in some ways.”
But she quickly added that her friends are in LA now and she loves the weather more than in London.
Also Emily Blunt said that it’s easy to raise baby Hazel in LA.
“A lot of the time we live outside of LA in the countryside, in a place called Ojai, which is lovely and offers more respite than the city,” she said of her home shared with John Krasinski.

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