Johnny Depp News: Actor To Judge Finals of Chinese Reality Show; Winner Will Take A Hollywood Trip With Depp

Though he is one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, it isn’t beneath Johnny Depp to guest judge the finals night of one of the most popular talent contests in China.

The show, “Chinese Dream,” is a platform for contestants to fulfill their dreams of stardom, through the showcasing of their talents to viewers. Audiences vote for their favorite performances, propelling their chosen contestants to the next round.

So just how does a reality show, in China nonetheless, convince an A-list celebrity like Depp to guest judge? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors has shared with the Chinese media that “he can relate to people harboring big dreams,” and that “when he was young, he wanted to be a rock musician, and only did movies to pay the rent.”

And what better way to reward an aspiring talent than for Depp to whisk off the winner to the very center of it all — Hollywood. There the winner will try live out their dreams of stardom under the star’s mentorship.

Chinese Dream is based on the hit British show , which follows a similar format of different levels of performances and voter eliminations.

Apparently Depp is hugely popular in China, especially for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in t movies. even reports that fan comments in online forums have even called the actor a “man-god.”

While it may seem strange that Depp is doing things in China that he won’t normally do in the United States, the truth is that Hollywood has had a long history of superstars that have done uncharacteristic commercials and shows in Asia.

There’s that corny Leonardo diCaprio Honda commercial, where the young heartthrob is shown riding in Civic hamming it up with a young Japanese woman. Then there’s Brad Pitt’s bizarre Japanese jeans ad where he urges viewers to “Please, please, check out my ass!”

Meanwhile, Depp could checked out in the upcoming movie Into The Woods out in December.

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