Jon Jones Believes UFC Used ‘Certain Strategies’ To Get Second Gustafsson Fight Done! ‘Bones’ Promises Dominant Performance For Rematch?

Jon Jones still believes that the UFC used “certain strategies” to get him to sign for the rematch against Alexander Gustafsson.

Just a week ago, Jon Jones already criticized the UFC for their “bullying technique” to make the rematch happen.

“I thought it was unprofessional, I thought it was a bullying technique, bully style, I don’t know what it was,” Jones said in an interview with. “But it is what it is.”

“Bones” seems to have maintained the same belief, after being criticized by company president Dana White himself.

“As soon as [Jones] starts to build some steam and starts to become the star that you think he can be, he comes out and doesn’t want to fight somebody,” White said in a report by

Jon Jones went on to speak on , not only respond to White’s comments, but to take another jab at the UFC as well.

“That’s funny,” Jones said. “I think it was handled the way it had to be. The UFC had to do their certain strategies and things to get the fight done and I had to do my own strategy to get the fight agreed upon.”

Jon Jones’ UFC title will be put on the line once again against Alexander Gustafsson in September at UFC 178, after both fighters finally agreed to the rematch. His first encounter with “The Mauler” was believed to be “Bones'” toughest test as a champion, after being beaten down in a bloody battle that brought him straight to the hospital right after the fight.

But for Jon Jones, the fight against Alexander Gustafsson was his “strongest showing.”

“To finish that fight the way I finished it and display the heart that I did to remain being the champion, to beat Tito Ortiz’ record that very same night,” Jones said. “I would give that [fight] one of my top showings.”

Jon Jones’ UFC performance as of late has been nothing less than spectacular. And for his rematch against “The Mauler,” he promises this time around, he will be dominating the fight.

“I’ve been able to dominate everyone I’ve ever faced except for Gustafsson in that first fight and success for me is to not only win this fight, but to dominate it,” he said.

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