Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Rematch Finally Confirmed! ‘Bones’ Dispels Issues About Taking The Fight, Only Preferred A Later Bout Date?

The Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson rematch has been officially made, with the fight set for September 27th at UFC 178 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The news was confirmed in an official statement released by the company at their website, on Thursday night, after the company’s executives met with Jon Jones, and manager Malki Kawa.

Just a day ago, “The Mauler” issued a new challenge to the champion, urging him to finally agree on the match-up and to “stop running.”

“Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, be a man, be a champ and sign that bout agreement and stop running. Keep in mind that after I beat you and become the champ I might be doing the same to you when you chase me for a rematch, as a revenge for not accepting my challenge,” Gustafsson said in a statement released through

“The Mauler” did get his wish granted as “Bones” has finally fulfilled his end of the bargain to make the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson rematch happen. He did, clarify, however, that he was not ducking “The Mauler’s” challenge, but rather, he preferred a later date.

“There was never an issue with taking the Gustafsson fight,” Jones explained. “The issue was that my brother is getting married in July and I would have preferred a later date.  I didn’t want to go this early and I would have preferred to go later in October or November.” 

“We have a date now, Sept 27,” he added. “This was a personal decision for me.  I will be at my brother’s wedding and have a proper training camp.”

Rightfully so, UFC President Dana White was thrilled about the finalization of the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson rematch.

“The great thing about this is, we get Jones vs Gustafsson, and if Jones beats Gustafsson, we get Jones vs Cormier,” White said. “Two great fights in the light heavyweight division with three of the baddest guys in the world: the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and champion Jon Jones, and the number one and two contenders.” 

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