Justin Bieber Attempted Robbery Case Cleared! Assault Charges, DUI Raps Still Pending; Video Of ‘Boyfriend’ Singer Egging His Neighbor’s House Emerged [WATCH]

The coast is clear for the Justin Bieber attempted robbery charge; the LA City Attorney favors the “Believe” singer in a case involving a May spat and snatching incident.

In an

mtv.com report, Bieber is cleared from allegations of attempted robbery. A complainant has accused the performer of trying to steal her mobile phone last May.

In the charge, Bieber allegedly approached the complainant and demanded she remove pictures taken of him

in an emotional outburst. Bieber reportedly was practicing at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park when he noticed the complainant taking his picture, leading to the incident.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney ruled out the case last week due to lack of substantial evidence, in an allegation that should have merited as a misdemeanor offense for Bieber. Eyewitnesses to the incident also favor Bieber, telling TMZ in an interview that the complainant actually instigated the incident.

The Justin Bieber attempted robbery is cleared and dismissed, but Selena’s ex-boyfriend is also set to face pending legal raps, including assault charges and driving under the influence. The Canadian pop star was arraigned for assault charges in Toronto last January; a December scuffle led to assault against a limo driver, according to the Canadian Broadcasting System.

Bieber also faced a driving under the influence rap January. Florida police caught up with him drag racing a leased Lamborghini; he has admitted to have taken prescription drugs, marijuana, on top of alcohol intake. Bieber has offered a not guilty plea, and will likely receive a lighter sentence as a first-time offender if proven otherwise (



Bieber was stalked with controversy over the past year, which included a troubled relationship with Selena Gomez. With the Justin Bieber attempted robbery cleared, and aside from other charges dropped and pending, the pop star is also under investigation for a felony charge; Bieber allegedly pelted his neighbor’s house with eggs, incurring thousands of dollars in damages. 

More on Justin Bieber’s felony charge in this TMZ report:

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