Justin Bieber Dating Barbara Palvin Adriana Lima Selena Gomez; Teenage Singer Not Ready To Commit

Justin Bieber dating Barbara Palvin Adriana Lima Selena Gomez seems to have his handful of girls lately. His friends say that he doesn’t like going to steady and he wants to  date as many girls as possible. This looks like the current Justin Bieber trend.

He’s had a rough time recently with his addictions over alcohol and pot, and his frequent brushins with the law. He was arrested in Miami for driving while intoxicated and his entire music team working with had asked that he check in to rehab. 

After his rub in with Miami police, he was spotted on a jet in Toronto and advised again to get help. His girlfriend Selena Gomeza whom Bieber confided in had also asked the press to leave ‘Biebs’ along, while he was sorting things out. 

After spending time together in Cannes, Justin and model Adriana Lima have been seeing each other, according to media reports. Lima just broke up with Marko Jaric in May. So it’s a convenient time for Lima and Bieber to get in the groove after running into each other in the French Riviera while Justin was partying at the 67 Cannes Film festival.

But it looks like Lima is not the only model Selena Gomez’s former boyfriend is hanging out with. So when you ask the question, just how many women are Justin dating at any given time, the answer is Justin Bieber dating Barbara Palvin Adriana Lima Selena Gomez and maybe even more.

Selena Gomez, one of Bieber’s steady girlfriend, seems to have been overlooked now that Justin is clearly in a party mode.

Even after hooking up with Lima, the ‘Biebs’ was seen with his former ‘love thing’ Barbara Palwin who has been an off an on flame for Bieber. A source close to the story said that Bieber went right over to Palwin and started talking while Roberto Cavalli’s yacht.

So, in fact, when you look at Justin Bieber dating Barbara Palvin Adriana Lima Selena Gomez story, it looks like Justin is still fooling around with women, and unwilling to make a commitment, which is probably the way most 20 yr olds are.

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