Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez: Cody-Gigi Reunite, Biebs Dating Pregnant Jelena Rumors, Attending Bible Class

Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez: According to media reports, Cody Simpson, the ‘Surfboard’ singer and his ex Gigi Hadid may be getting back together on their 1-year anniversary. Given that somewhere in between Gigi was playing with Justin Bieber on a yacht near France, it looks like a hairy predicament for all parties involved. 

But Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez appears to be swinging between his ‘gals’ and dumping most of them. His PR people say that he is not ready to go steady and that he wants to date as many model as possible…hmm… not bad for a singer songwriter who was arrested for DUI and possesion of pot by Miami police a couple of months ago. Incidentally, it was the ‘Sweet Jelena’ who was a source of support during his ‘mug shot’ fiasco resembling Miley Cyrus among other opportune moments when Biebs just didn’t seem to care.

At any rate, Cody Simpson is back ’cause Instagram has photos of Gigi and her former boyfriend apparently ‘on’ again. Or maybe it is just for the anniversary and they will go back to their previous ‘off again’ mode, which leaves some room for Bieber to ‘shmooz’ around with Gigi. Judging from the photos of Gigi and Bieber on a yacht, she did not appear to be very interested in Bieber.

Meanwhile, Simpson has said that it is not entirely ‘over’ between Gigi and him: He was quoted by Hollywoodtake as saying, I definitely don’t imagine it being over for good,” referring to his relationship with Gigi Hadid.. “We’re still really good friends and we chat. We just had to slow it down.”

But Bieber shouldn’t feel too bad because the ‘Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez’ rumor has it Justin and Selena Gomez  are back together. And they are going to Bible Class together? Perhaps on the advice of his mother who is trying to get her son to clean up from his clash with authorities and addiction to alcohol and marijuana. 

Online reports say that Selena is pregnant and there’s a question mark behind Bieber dating Selena at the present moment. Is he planning to settle down like Maks, the DWTS champ who is mesmerized by his dancing partner Meryl Davis and wants to settle down?

Regarding the strained friendship between Simpson and Bieber, it is unlikely that the ‘Baby’ singer will want to regroup with Cody. But if things go sour with Justin and Jelena, it is possible that he would try to ‘hook up with Hadid in a second.’

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