Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez: Is Jelena Hurt? Na, He Just Prefers Models Over Her

Justin Bieber Dating Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez seems to be the latest charade for Justin Bieber, who is dating a myriad of models as he keeps a distance from former flame Selena Gomez.

Bieber wants to date every model he can, said one source close to the story. He is definitely going through some hard times after his arrest in Miami bringing his alcohol and pot addictions to the forefront of his publc image.

t certainly looks like Justin wants some time and affection from people in his life. His parents who are separated have commented that Bieber has had a rought time being a teen star andd not having a stable family. At the Miami incident however, Bieber’s father was caught smoking pot with his son and he was slapped with the judge’s warning that he is a poor influence on his son.

Bieber’s latest fling Gigi is the former girlfriend of Cody Sympson. The two were spotted catching the sun on a yacht in Monaco, say reports.

Amid the dating scene, Bieber recently wrote a song reminiscing about Jelena and he shared it with his fans on Instagram. It’s called, “You know excatly what to do to hurt me.” The song appears to be one that tells all about his heartbreak while breaking up with Gomez. Who knew that he broke up? He just moved on to other girls and may still get back with Selena.

Is Jelena hurt by Justin’s recent escapades. Let’s put it this way. She recently responded to a fan on Instagram, “I think he prefers models over me.” 

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