Justin Bieber Egging Case To Come To Close; Chris Brown And ‘Boyfriend’ Singer Reunite

Justin Bieber wasn’t charged with anything when a Los Angeles woman accused the singer of trying to steal her iPhone last month, but the outcome may be different for his previous vandalism case.

A Los Angeles prosecutor is expected to charge the 20-year-old with vandalism for egging his neighbor’s mansion, a source involved in the case told


The Los Angeles County district has reportedly been considering the egging case since February. Sheriff’s investigators reportedly recommended that the “Boyfriend” singer be charged with felony vandalism for the incident, which happened back in January.

Lawyers are reportedly referring to the case as a “wobbler,” which means that the district attorney must decide if it will be prosecuted as a felony or as a misdemeanor, according to the news outlet.

There is no indication which charge would be filed against Bieber, according to the source.

“When something happens, we will let everyone know at the same time,” Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the district attorney, told CNN on Monday.

Despite his legal troubles it seems that Bieber is trying to return to his music.

Justin Bieber was seen reuniting with Chris Brown in the studio, according to

NY Daily News.

The troubled star shared two photos with Brown, who has been dealing with his own legal problems, captioning one, “Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.”

25-year-old Brown and Bieber previously collaborated on the track “Next To You” back in 2011.

Bieber also wrote a message of thanks for his devoted fans, who have shown support during the pop star’s legal troubles.

“Humbled and Blessed. . . To the greatest fans in the world. . . This was always about you!” Bieber wrote with a photo of him performing. 

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