Justin Bieber Ordered by Court to Take Anger Management Classes, Takes Shirtless Selfie to Celebrate Dismissal of Felony Case?

Justin Bieber, who was recently ordered by a judge to take anger management classes, took his thoughts to by posting a shirtless selfie.

The 20-year-old “Baby” singer captioned the photo, “I got that sleep I was looking for.” Perhaps, this much needed sleep was the result of this week’s felony case that was finally dropped by the court for not having enough evidence.

Last month, a woman filed a case against the “Boyfriend” singer after he allegedly “stole” her cell phone at one of the battling cages in Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

Multiple sources confirmed that Bieber allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone from her hand, thinking she was taking pictures of him.

TMZ was first to report about the incident after the complainant reached out to the website.

The official statement read, “Bieber then approached and accused her of videotaping him. He demanded to see her phone, then reached into her purse and pulled the phone out. Bieber said the woman “tussled” over it for a moment.”

Following the incident, Bieber posted several

tweets about all the “rumors” he’s faced with, CNN reported.

“It’s hard to defend myself and my privacy every moment of the day. The truth will set you free.”

A source close to Bieber told the publication, “Justin was just enjoying hanging out with friends at the battling cages and playing mini-golf. This just wasn’t a big deal. The woman didn’t stand out. There were plenty of people taking pictures, some more aggressive than others, which is totally normal. This is another example of someone making an issue where there isn’t one.”

Meanwhile, even though one felony case against him has already been dismissed, Bieber is still faced with another felony complaint for allegedly “egging” his neighbors home earlier this month. He will also plead guilty to the reckless driving case charged against him, according to


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