Justin Timberlake Tour 2014: Covers Elvis And Raps! ‘Cry Me A River’ Star Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit From His NYC Restaurant Southern Hospitality

Justin Timberlake’s tour of 2014 “The 20/20 Experience World Tour” brought him to London and the Mirror reports on some things about the show. The British news source reports that Timberlake played a “mammoth 31 song set” and had 20,000 fans enthralled with his “Cry Me A River” performance.

The “Mirrors” singer jazzed up the acoustic parts of his songs with one or two lines of rap and did a lovely cover of one of Elvis’ songs. Apparently the 20,000 audience was quite quiet and at one point Timberlake told them, “Stop being so f*****g British”.

Justin Timberlake secretly settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee at his New York City restaurant Southern Hospitality, RadarOnline.com exclusively reporting.

Alison McDaniel, the former General Manager at Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality restaurant, filed a lawsuit against the “Sexy Back” singer and his business associates in 2009 claiming she was “bullied, degraded, harassed, and ultimately discharged” because she is female.

After just three months at the restaurant, McDaniel claims she was made General Manager at a salary of $75,000 but was immediately met with sexism, particularly from co-owner Eytan Sugarman, who “vociferously made his disdain for female managers known,” the lawsuit reads.

McDaniels claims employees engaged in inappropriate things while on restaurant premises. She said that one time Sugarman and another co-owner, Ronnie Kaplan, “viewed pornography while in a locked room with McDaniel, and made fun of her when she began crying about what she was being subjected to.”

Kaplan allegedly “verbally assaulted McDaniel with a tirade of at least five minutes duration during which he physically bumped McDaniel and screamed and spit in her face,” the lawsuit claimed.

Timberlake is named in the lawsuit as an “owner, shareholder or member of SHX and/or an executive responsible for the operation and supervision of Southern Hospitality.”

His rep released a statement after the lawsuit was filed saying:

“While Justin and Trace Ayala continue their friendship with Eytan Sugarman who owns Southern Hospitality, they are not investors, owners, or partners, nor do they have any knowledge of or involvement in the operations of the restaurant.” 

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