K-Drama Actresses Share Their Beauty Secrets

K-Drama Actresses Share Their Beauty Secrets
K-Drama Actresses Share Their Beauty Secrets


If you ever wanted Goo Hara’s whittled down waist, Shin Min Ah’s slender frame  or So E Hyun’s flawless skin, take note. These k-drama stars have lately been sharing their beauty secrets.

Shin Min Ah, the star of the hit film “My Love, My Bride,” says it is not as easy to stay in shape now that she is 30, especially since she loves to eight. In past interviews she has spoken about how she diets and exercises before she starts a project but often gains weight once the project is over.

The actress, who appeared in the dramas “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” and “Arang and the Magistrates,” likes historical dramas because she can wear the traditional hanbok, which have a looser fit.

The actress admits she does get beauty treatments and must follow a strict regimen.

“I take care of my body strictly and I need to,” she said in an interview with Newsen. “But it doesn’t bother me as I enjoy it. When I exercise, such as Pilates, I feel more energized.”

Attitude is important too.

“I became mentally more healthy as I invested in myself more and led a healthy lifestyle. I naturally became more passionate and I think of healthy things. I also eat healthy food. No matter how happy you are, if your body is not well, it’s no good.”

Goo Hara said her toned abs don’t come naturally.

The Kara singer and actress uploaded a selfie on Instagram showing off her abs. But she also explained that looking that good requires work.

“My abs are being made bit by bit through Pilates, horse-back riding, and breathing,” she captioned.

Readers will have to assume that when the “City Hunter” actress says breathing she means breathing that has to do with a form of exercise like yoga as most people don’t get abs like that just by breathing.

Actress So E Hyun, who married actor In Kyo Jin this month, is known for her flawless skin. The actress, who appeared in “Cheomdamdong Alice” and “Who Are You,” spoke about her beauty regimen at the press conference for the MBC lifestyle advice program “The Most Beautiful Days.”

Her regimen is pretty basic.

“I think it’s most important to eat well,” she said. You also have to sleep well. Sleeping and eating well is obvious, but it’s also hard to keep up with the basics.”

She stressed that it’s important to protect your skin by using the best cosmetic products. But beauty also comes from within.

“If you believe you are beautiful and love yourself, I think your body can feel it,” she said.

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