Kaley Cuoco Instagram Photos Evidence Of Marital Bliss! ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star In News Of Rough Patch With Sweeting? Actress In A Spat With Zooey Deschanel!

Kaley Cuoco Instagram account is decked with photos of newfound marital bliss, but insider reports hint her marriage with Ryan Sweeting isn’t peachy.

Fans swoon over the girl-next-door’s charms, and the “Big Bang Theory” star gained a cult following when people noticed how Kaley Cuoco feet are coveted rarities; they’re photogenic enough to warrant a fetish.

News of her whirlwind romance with Ryan Sweeting earned positive response from fans and media, in contrast to other high-profile relationships. Her marriage (after six months of dating) is also all but expected.

Insider sources reveal the couple is going through a rough patch, though. This is in light of news Kaley is about to sport a baby bump.

The reports of a possible baby bump started after a user-posted photo, a contrast to the usual pics on Kaley Cuoco Instagram account; the couple attended a June 19 red carpet event. Kaley wore an unlikely outfit; she usually dons a figure-hugging dresses and tops, unlike the hanging top she wore at the event.

Kaley also seemed not like her usual self in the photo, often bubbly and candid. This, and consequent reports, supported news the actress is having second thoughts on her new marriage.

Public spats fueled the early tension, according to an insider for Star magazine. The couple attended an engagement event and Kaley felt uncomfortable not being acquainted with most of the guests. Sweeting tried to ease her when she asked to leave, which led to argument.

One insider puts it more bluntly: “A pattern has emerged in the relationship that leaves Kaley looking like a jealous monster. She wants Ryan’s undivided attention all of the time and when he focuses on anyone else she loses it.” (



Zooey Deschanel is also dragged into the spat, ever since reports she and Sweeting have been in very good terms as friends. Kaley Cuoco Instagram posts still hint everything is going great in spite of the rough patch, and the actress confirms she is in a good place with Sweeting (



Kaley Cuoco on the “Big Bang Theory’s” success and her new marriage to Sweeting:

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