Kandi Burruss Wedding Dress and Pre-Nup; Todd Tucker Only After Her Money?

Apparently, the talked-about Kandi Burruss wedding dress was not the only highlight of the Kandi Burruss-Todd Tucker wedding as the couple also had some minor problems before tying the knot. Burruss has been documenting the incidents before they finally shared their ‘I dos’ on the 4 of April, and it would seem that not everything did not go as planned.

A spin-off show on Bravo entitled, “Kandi’s Wedding” showed that the couple went through some verbal fights when it came to their pre-nuptial agreement. The episode will be aired for the public on the 22 of June, and it will show the couple in a heated conversation. A sneak peek was provided in order for fans to get a hint about what they will be expecting from the show.

Tucker told his now-wife, star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, “You can’t be mad at me for dealing with my lawyer and he has concerns. Is this sh*t personal or is it just business?” Burress snapped at him and said, “How is it personal to say you get what you get and I get?” The conversation starts to heat up even more with something that Tucker pointed out. He said, “If we don’t work out, I have to get out of the damn house in 30 days? How do I get out of the house in 30 days?”

Burress told the camera, “Todd can say whatever he wants about it not being about the money [being] why he doesn’t like the pre-nup. But, meanwhile, his attorney is sending notes and all those notes are about money!” She then looked at her now-husband and said, “So, you think you should get some of my money?” Tucker was quick to respond to this and said, “I don’t want your f*cking money…I don’t think there’s gonna be no wedding.”

The mother of Burress, Joyce, had been very vocal when it comes to matters that involve Tucker. According to her views, Tucker allegedly only wanted her daughter’s money, and nothing more.

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