Kap Dong” Lee Joon Vs. Jung In Ki’s Gamble

Kap Dong" Lee Joon Vs. Jung In Ki's Gamble
Kap Dong" Lee Joon Vs. Jung In Ki's Gamble

“Kap Dong” Lee Joon made a gamble with Jung In Ki.  Will Lee Joon be able to stop the murder?

On the 18 episode of tvN “Kap Dong” broadcast on June 14, the two murders Cha Do Hyuk (played by Jung In Ki) and Ryu Tae Oh (played by Lee Joon) started to persuade each other to commit murder.

On this day, Ha Moo Yeom (played by Yoon Sang Hyun) tried to use Ru Tae Oh to murder Cha Do Hyuk.  Ryu Tae Oh said to Cha Do Hyuk, “Ha Moo Yeom said to get rid of Oh Maria (played by Kim Min Jung)”  In addition, Cha Do Hyuk was said to have mental incompetence so he would be let go with innocence.

Cha Do Hyuk also started to provoke Ryu Tae Oh.  In front of everyone, he wanted him to murder him.  Tae Oh had this competitive urge and used Ma Ji Wool (played by Kim Ji Won) as a target.  Ma Ji Wool knew that Ryu Tae Oh used him as a target and participated in his plans.

Will Ryu Tae Oh be able to resist Cha Do Hyuk’s temptation?

Meanwhile, “Kap Dong” is about a serial murder that happens in Il Tan, a great city and is a 20 episode mystery emotional thriller.  It centers on detective Ha Moo Yeom who follows Kap Dong who is the alias for the suspect of a serial murder that happens 17 years ago as it draws on the complex stories of the people around him.

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