Kap Dong” Yoon San Hyun Fights With Murderers

Kap Dong" Yoon San Hyun Fights With Murderers
Kap Dong" Yoon San Hyun Fights With Murderers

“Kap Dong” Yoon Sang Hyun had a face off with Lee Joon and Jung In Ki.

On the 18 episode of tvN “Kap Dong” broadcast on June 14, Ha Moo Yeom (played by Yoon Sang Hyun) had a mental fight with the two murderers Ryu Tae Oh (played by Lee Joon) and Cha Do Hyuk (played by Jung In Ki).

On this episode, Ryu Tae Oh and Cha Do Hyuk couldn’t avoid punishment and they tried to put their faults on others.  Ha Moo Yeom tried to use Ryu Tae Oh as a hunting dog to catch Cha Do Hyuk but this wasn’t easy.

Ha Moo Yeom said to the two people, “This is a territory battle.  When one side has too much, the other side has less territory.”

At this, Ryu Tae Oh said, “I need to survive too.  I have court soon and because of evidence, they say that capital punishment is almost confirmed.  Just tell me who’ll survive” he said.

Cha Do Hyuk said, “Ryu Tae Oh, I don’t know why you think I’ll move because of your words.  But think well.  Even if you reduce the sentence, it’ll be life sentence.  In this country, capital punishment is a life sentence.”

Meanwhile, “Kap Dong” is about a serial murder that happens in Il Tan, a great city and is a 20 episode mystery emotional thriller.  It centers on detective Ha Moo Yeom who follows Kap Dong who is the alias for the suspect of a serial murder that happens 17 years ago as it draws on the complex stories of the people around him.

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