Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Dissipates By Tasting Scottish Whiskey; Duchess Sticks To The ‘Girlie Ones’

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors were dispelled by taking shots of whiskey with her husband, Prince William, Thursday. According to E! the royal couple toured Scotland’s Glenturret distillery, known for its Famous Grouse whiskey, where the Duke was challenged to try a “wee dram” of 68.9 proof alcohol, straight from the still. “I’ll give anything a go, [but] I will probably regret it later,” he said.

“I’m definitely going for that one,” the Prince added.

“You do like a peaty whiskey, don’t you?” the Duchess asked as her husband tasted The Black Grouse Alpha.

“Nice,” she said after being persuaded to try the “girlie” whiskeys: two weaker blends called The Snow Grouse and The Naked Grouse, both around 40 percent proof. “I like them.”

Moments later, William was handed a shot of 68.9 proof clear alcohol, a challenge he gladly accepted. Shaking his head, the Duke winced and remarked, “That’s pretty busy!”

He offered a sip to his wife, but she told him, “I’ll stick with that girlie one.”

“I shouldn’t really try the gin because of the whiskey I had at Glenturret,” Princess Kate told David Lang, one of the founders of Strathearn distillery.

People reported that as the royals left the tasting, the couple were given a personalized bottle of The Famous Strathearn whiskey and a squeaky toy grouse for baby Prince George.

“Oh my goodness, listen to that. He will just love that,” the Duchess said.

Reportedly, at the Forteviot fair, the Duke and Duchess enjoyed a typically British afternoon as they met craftspeople, bakers and artists.

According to People, the couple were given another special present for Prince George inside the village hall, a traditionally made kilt in the original ancient Strathearn tartan pattern.

“William was saying that since he’s been an adult, he hasn’t worn a kilt, but that he probably should do,” Marion Foster, who made the kilt, tells PEOPLE.

“They seemed really tickled by it,” Foster adds. “Kate said, ‘We will have to keep his sticky fingers off it.'”

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